Who am I

Who is Amanda?

Amanda Baldan is an Italian brand that focuses on the production of women’s faux fur coats, founded by the eponymous designer.

The first season appeared in Italy for Autumn/Winter 2017, with a very successful capsule collection. Amanda Baldan exclusively produces in Italy with the aim to create the highest quality eco-furs, whilst altering the conventional perception of fur with a young and fun twist.

The aim of the founder is to sensitize the community on animal rights and showcase faux fur as a more ethical alternative.

Amanda Baldan has graduated from the London College of Fashion. Her upbringing in Italy left her with an imprint of the importance of paramount quality, which inevitably followed her to London. Here, Amanda broadened both her cultural and creative perspectives, which spurred the designer to create something unique that could behold a moral value as well as look and feel fabulous.

Amanda has always nurtured a deep love for animals that has profoundly influenced her lifestyle from food choices to fashion products. It was inevitable that her passion for design and animals were to be encompassed in a new, inventive brand. In her own words “believing in the value of fashion at the times of Coco Chanel, gave women the courage to rip off their corsets and the freedom to wear trousers. I applaud you to once again believe in art for a revolution.”

Amanda Baldan stands for ethically sourced products, from Italian manufacturers, in order to deliver both a high quality and morally correct garment. Amanda’s designs do not sacrifice taste and style, and keep their wearers warm in the winter. For these reasons Amanda Baldan’s animal friendly furs are at the forefront of innovation and quality in the luxury fashion sector.