Faux fur: a trend and a fashion declaration against animal abuse

Faux fur: a trend and a fashion declaration against animal abuse
12 October 2018 Giordano Chiodi
In General

According to an article of ‘ Epicure & Culture’ of 2016 every year, 50 million minks, one billion rabbits 4 million foxes are raised and murdered in order to use their fur in the fashion industry. Nurtured animals of fur factories happen to self-murder by acts such as cannibalism triggered by strain and cruelty living situations they are forced to live, such as too small packed cages.

Furthermore, in order to ‘beautifully’ conserve the animal fur, breeders kill the animals brutally. Also thanks to PETA, an animalist organization that divulges publicly the animal tortures, various countries have lately banned furs. These countries include UK, Netherlands and Australia. However, the fur industry is still making over 40$ billion out of selling fur. This occurs due to many countries where fur is still the symbol of luxury determining a social status. In 2015 the 73% of the brands presenting at Milan, Paris, New York and London fashion week had real fur in their collections. Despite this, the conflict against real fur is growing higher every year. A rising number of brands and retailers are banning fur and adopting ethical products.

Proportioned to the demand, the eco-furs fabrics are growing in quality becoming almost indistinguishable from real fur. In this way faux fur is not to be considered anymore as a cheap copy of real fur. On the contrary, faux fur products became a trend and a fashion declaration against animal abuse.

A survey from RSPCA in 2011 discovered that the 95% of British women wouldn’t buy real fur anymore. In 2016, opposed to 2015 previous data, 86% of the brand in the London Fashion Week hasn’t included fur in their AW collections.

Thanks to the celebrities support for cruelty free fashion campaign the awareness keeps growing and severer protocols for fur industry have been set in Europe and US.

China is still the biggest fur fabricator that keeps killing animals including millions of stray and stolen cats and dogs in order to sell illegally a cheaper version of fur.