Made In Italy

Made In Italy
20 November 2018 Marco Donati
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The value of Made in Italy has been handed down over time. Consumers looked for “Made in Italy” products and this market growth was increasingly important for Italian designers.
Salvatore Ferragamo, founder of historic Italian brand Ferragamo, was one of the first to choose to represent Made in Italy. In an interview with the Financial Times, he stated that at a time of crisis “leaving Italy would have meant taking a short-term approach. Looking ahead, we realized that it would be much better to stay”.

Ferragamo’s choice proved to be correct, since creativity and manufacturing experience in Italy have made “Made in Italy” brands some of the most prestigious in the world.

Amanda Baldan firmly believes in the values of Made in Italy production, inspired by principles such as integrity, excellence and an ethical approach to the workplace. We are proud to be one of the few brands to produce synthetic fur in Italy, even if this means coping with higher production costs. Our goal is to create high-quality items that also offer the best value for money.
In the words of Victor Massiah, CEO of UBI Banca: “Experts in the Italian manufacturing sector have made significant reductions in terms of volume, but not in terms of value. Their strategy was to reposition themselves on a higher level, since it would not have made sense to compete with China by offering low-priced products”. The concept of “Made in Italy” is to produce less, but of a higher quality.

Amanda Baldan defends animal rights and offers materials of outstanding quality. There is a common belief that synthetic fur is a low-quality material. Our company’s goal is to demonstrate that this is a total misconception through the creation of unique, high-quality, animal-friendly products that not only replace real fur, but also offer an exquisite and trendy Made in Italy alternative.

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